We place stunt performers at the forefront of every 2nd Unit director and coordinator's call sheet. Making it the easiest way for them to find and book you for the job.

here's what we offer


Members are given a profile to promote themselves with photos, stats, abilities, stunt reels, and more.


Stunt Players makes it easy for industry professionals to find member listings through the online and hardcopy directory. This is how you are contacted for work.


Aside from being apart of the industry’s leading guide for stunt performers - members are entitled to discounts on related products, services, and more.


Members are given access to specialized career guidance, training classes, and the SPD Insider to best help you connect with the stunt industry.

Yes. You've seen Stunt Players before.

  • “I remember my 3rd job as a stuntman getting picked out of Stunt Players. That job paid for every SPD listing until now. Best investment in my career thus far.”

    -Carl Nespoli / Stunt Performer / Dexter, American Horror Story

  • “If it wasn’t for the Stunt Players Directory, Bud Davis would have never found me to give me my first stunt job on Forrest Gump and kick off my career.”

    -Joey Anaya / Stunt Performer / Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek

  • “I can’t thank the Stunt Players Directory enough for helping land my stunt jobs!”
    -Roman Mitichyan / Stunt Performer / Argo, Sons of Anarchy, John Wick
  • “One of the best ways to find the correct person needed for any situation. It has helped me, and I am confident it will help any stunt performer obtain new work.”
    -Gokor Chivichyan / Stunt Performer / True Blood, CSI
  • “Hands down, the best resource for finding the right stunt person for the job. Nothing else even comes close.”
    -Scott Leva / Stunt Performer & Coordinator / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men
  • “Stunt Players is an incredible resource and makes it so easy to find stunt people!”
    -Dennis Madalone / Stunt Performer & Coordinator / Pulp Fiction, Star Trek

our story

The Stunt Players Directory was founded in 1993 by Wally Crowder, a stunt director and coordinator with over forty years of experience.  Stunt Players originated as a hardcopy publication and quickly began to revolutionize the entire stunt community.  It was the very first and best way for stuntmen and women to find work in the film, television, and commercial business by allowing them to promote themselves to industry directors, coordinators, and producers.  There was no such thing as a set without a Stunt Players Directory on hand.

We are proud to have helped start the careers of many stuntmen and women and foster the careers of many more.  Since day one, Stunt Players has aimed to showcase the talents and abilities of its members to the industry’s leading professionals as well as to contribute to the overall prosperity of the stunt community.  We firmly believe that the stunt performer is the hardest working actor in Hollywood and will continue this service in honor of this belief.  We look forward to many more decades of linking coordinators with the most courageous performers in the world today.