What is Stunt Players?

Stunt Players is a widely used database catering to the day-to-day needs of stunt coordinators, 2nd Unit directors, and amongst other industry professionals.  Stunt Players places stuntmen and women in an easily searchable database in order to be hired for jobs on film, television productions, commercials, as well as print work and live shows.  It has been actively used for over 20 years and has become a valuable asset within the stunt community.

What am I entitled to when subscribing to Stunt Players?

An online profile searchable by accredited stunt coordinators and 2nd Unit directors.  Access to member's only discounts with stunt services, products, and more.  Access to member's only stunt classes and seminars.  Access to the SPD Insider blog page, a source where members will be able to hear from the industry’s top stunt performers and coordinators.  Profiles include primary headshot along with (4) action photos and (4) secondary photos FREE, with the ability to purchase additional photo packs at any time.  Unlimited updates to member profiles.  Complimentary admittance to SPD events, mixers, and parties.

Can anyone sign up?
We allow both Union and Non-Union affiliated stunt performers to sign up.  However, members will be moderated to ensure Union status. If you are contacted for a job, it is your responsibility to ensure that your profile reflects your true Union status.
How do I sign up?

Please utilize the “Sign Up” button in the menu bar to subscribe to Stunt Players.  If you have signed up before the release of the updated site, please use the "Claim Your Account" button to retrieve your information.  Please contact us if you need further assistance: info@stuntplayers.com

How does the Stunt Players profile work?

We list the most critical details of our members: stats, abilities, and quality headshots.  Each of these aspects have been requested by stunt coordinators and 2nd Unit directors as what is most important.  We will regularly check in with members to ensure that these details are correct.  Members can make corrections at anytime and this is encouraged in order to maintain the most up-to-date information.  Members will also be able to list other information such as videos, social sites, and resumes to fully maximize their stunt profile.  Industry professionals will be scanning these profiles in order to hire you for the job.

How will a stunt coordinator contact me once I’m part of the Stunt Players database?
You will be contacted according to the means of communication you have provided in your application.  We do not list addresses or home phone numbers at all.  You are the sole proprietor of the contact information you publicize.  We constantly moderate user information to ensure that it is correct and free of grammatical errors or misspellings. We strive to have your likeness represented in the best way possible.
Are you endorsed by SAG and/or AFTRA?

No.  We are endorsed by the working stunt community only.  We represent stunts and only stunts, 2nd Unit directors, and stunt-related projects.  We do not mix stunt people with actors, comedians, etc.  All people represented in Stunt Players work primarily as stunt people.

If I sign up am I promised work?

Being in Stunt Players does not promise that you will get work.  But not being listed in Stunt Players will promise missing out on potential work. Stunt Players has been in operation for over 20 years and is used regularly by working coordinators. You will be contacted if you are fit for a role.

What is the Shop feature?

The Stunt Players Shop allows you to add additional information and media to your profile.  While we provide what is absolutely necessary for coordinators to hire you for jobs in your basic membership, if you would like to promote yourself even furthermore, this is where that is done.  This is also where the hardcopy Stunt Players directory, relevant stunt products, services, classes, and more will be listed and exclusive to your Stunt Players membership.  We have partnered with top quality products, services, and classes to get you the best deals and at the front of the line!

What am I entitled to as a Featured Stunt Player?

We aim to go above and beyond promoting you as a Stunt Player.  Not only does being a Featured Stunt Player place you on the landing page, we post an article about you on the SPD Insider to highlight your accomplishments as a stunt performer.  With our tight network of stunt coordinators and 2nd Unit directors, we find it important to promote you as a true performer as opposed to just a resume.  Upon completion of your featured article, it is blasted to these industry professionals and across our social networking streams.