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Stunt Player Wissam Jean-Charles has 9 years experience in Kung Fu/Wushu as a professional instructor.  Outside of his extensive experience in unarmed combat, Wissam is also skilled at: rigging, rappelling, ratchets, air rams, wire work, fire arms, horseback, and armed combat. Wissam has worked recently on Godfather of Harlen, FBI, Younger, and doubles Dr. Dre.  He […]

Stunt Player Leigh Pollitt is an ex professional Boxer/MMA fighter at the competitive level.  He has trained and competed since he was 16 years old.  Leigh quit competing due to traveling in 2010 and leaving the UK. He is also a gymnast with 15 years of experience.  Motorcycle racer with 18 years of experience both on […]