27 May

A Congratulations and the Stunt Players Update

By Hunter Crowder on 27th May 2015 Tag: Congratulations, Stunt Performers, Stunt Players, Stuntmen, Stuntwomen

This past year has been a victorious triumph for the stunt community and Stunt Players.

More Stunt Players have been booked on jobs than ever before.  Not to mention, some of the most game changing action films of all time.  From massive blockbusters to independent movies to television shows to commercials, it is hard to watch anything without the talent of a Stunt Player.

We are honored to continue to innovate and contribute to the stunt community in linking coordinators with stunt performers the fastest and most efficient way possible.  In doing so we have...

・Completely redesigned the Stunt Players website to make it optimized for all devices as well as going for a neat, minimal, and professional design.

・Added the abilities for members to edit their own member profiles, add more headshots, reels, credits, and more.

・Worked alongside top industry coordinators to ensure the most important information is seen and accessible before anything else.

・Planned more networking events, parties, and courses to link stunt performers with working coordinators.

・Reached out to the stunt community and have built more features to boost the visibility of Stunt Players.

・Partnered with outside services and products to deliver premium discounts and benefits to Stunt Players.

・And so much more...



It is our duty to ensure that Stunt Players are being seen before anybody else.  With over twenty years of history, we strive to live up to our reputation as the premium directory for performers in the stunt community.  We are very excited to release new features in store, expose you to the coordinators in need of your talents, and get you booked for work.

Thank you for allowing us to do this for the hardest working men and women in the film industry.


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