28 Jun

Atlanta Stunt Hustle Recap!

By Hunter Crowder on 28th Jun 2019

Thank you to all the impeccable Stunt Players who attended our very first Atlanta Stunt Hustle last night, June 27th, at the Westin North Perimeter. The group of stuntmen and woman was outstanding - and the response we got from the participating coordinators was superb. And can we please thank these legends who took the time out of their schedules to meet with every single performer from start to finish - WOW what a phenomenal group!

Stunt Player Christian Brunetti told us that, "Tonight, just for one night, I feel like we owned the night. It was our time to shine where it mattered most and I walked away more encouraged and excited about where I am than I was then I woke up this morning... I'm grateful [for] the coordinators who gave up their time and took the time to give feedback and talk to everyone there and my fellow stunt performers who turned an ordinary night into something incredible."

It was a couple years ago where we started receiving messages from Stunt Players asking if we would ever do a Stunt Hustle in Atlanta - and we were hesitant at first being that it would be a new event in a new town. But we are overjoyed to have done it, we hope everyone was able to make a valuable connection or learn something in their time spent with the coordinators.

With these events being run by just a small family and a group of extraordinary volunteers we continue to express our gratitude for all of the parties involved - THANK YOU!

As we move forward with our operations to best promote our members as well as the stunt community at large, we are excited to announce new events and opportunities to be had in the near future. Stunt Players has and always will be a family brand - we take all suggestions to heart and do the best we can to implement them to give you the very best service we can. You can always (and we encourage it) start a conversation with us by emailing [info@stuntplayers.com] to let us know how we can better serve you.

Thank you Atlanta - you rock!

The Stunt Players Family

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