17 Jan

Featured Stunt Player: Bryan McCoy

By Hunter Crowder on 17th Jan 2020 Tag: Bryan McCoy, Real McCoy Stunts, Stunt Man, Stunt Player

Stunt Player Bryan McCoy is a small-town country boy, who grew up on a ranch in Grants, New Mexico. He was fortunate enough to be raised in a race car family. Both his grandmother and grandfather were race car drivers. His grandfather built the first race track in their hometown called the Uranium Speedway. This essentially sparked and fueled Bryan’s obsession with cars and racing.

Along with his fascination for racing, Bryan from a young age developed a deep interest in action films and the unbelievable visual spectacles captured on the screen. This soon turned into a passion for stunts and choreographed performances.

“As a kid, I was always pulling off stunts,” said Bryan. “I loved Evil Knievel growing up. I was driven with no fear which was good because I would crash and crash and crash until I got it right. To the point that my dad nicknamed me “Awful Knaweful”, Bryan laughed.

According to Brenda, his mother, “Bryan was a go-getter from the moment he was born.” On a family vacation, at 15 years old, Bryan told his mother that the empty star on Hollywood Boulevard sidewalk would one day bear his name. Upon saying that his dream career was born and then set into motion.

In pursuit of his career, he has traveled from Albuquerque to Grants, back to Albuquerque and finally, at 19 years old, to Los Angeles with the dream of being a Hollywood Stuntman. The process took him 4 years to get his SAG card by doing background work while doing little gigs here and there. He got his first stunt gig on a super low budget movie being a stunt double in 2012.

Bryan has since then become a seasoned stunt player pro and the founder of Real McCoy Stunts (RMS). His area of expertise would include stunt driving, precision driving, drifting, stick shift, having his CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Class A, and is also an instructor at the Motion Picture Driving Clinic. He also excels at fire burns, wirework, automatic weapons, and falls.

“It has been a long journey coming from a small town with no connections in the Film Industry but I would not change any of it,” said Bryan. “Being a stuntman has been everything I ever wanted and more. Fun, challenging, full of risk-taking, innovative thinking, and lots of both mental and physical preparation. I am blessed to be a part of the Stunt Community and would like to thank all the amazing people who have helped me along the way.”

SAG / 5'9" / 165 lbs.

Check out Bryan's Stunt Player profile here: https://www.stuntplayers.com/player/bryan-mccoy


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