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Summer Hustle Recap

By Hunter Crowder on 25th Jun 2015 Tag: Stunt Doubles, Stunt Performers, Stunt Players, Stunts, Summer Hustle, Wally Crowder

Written by: Wally Crowder (Stunt Coordinator/2nd Unit Director)

Summer Hustle: On June 20th, we hosted our 1st Annual "Stunt Players Summer Hustle."  Little did we know what a tremendous success the evening would turn out to be.  We introduced the "Speed Hustle" where stunt performers could meet with 14 different coordinators in a fun environment.  These coordinators made the event as they met with 400+ performers for 5 hours!  I have never seen so many happy faces in my life.


Mentoring Everybody: Knowing that I am now mentoring not one but over 400 stunt performers was so heart warming, I must tell you.  To think that stunt people now have the chance to hustle without driving all over town, or not getting on a set, or having their new headshot thrown in the trash was wonderful.  Coordinators could meet performers, new guys could meet the veterans, the Stunt Players could meet each other, and vice versa.

Thank You: Every single coordinator was so thrilled to be a part of this "epic" event.  Thank you so much Gregg Smrz, John Moio, Tanner Gill, Julie Michaels, Pee Wee Piemonte, Dennis Madalone, Alex Daniels, Eliza Coleman, Gregory Barnett, Conrad Palmisano, Mary Albee, Allan Graf, and Buddy Joe Hooker.

Promoting You: Stunt Players was created to help everyone.  To help the new guy who wasn't in a stunt group.  To help the stunt person with no connections, relatives, or friends in the business to get them a job. Stunt Players was created with the aim to bridge that gap - to provide everyone with an equal opportunity.  From there on, we came up with banquets, stock car races, parties and networking events to help mentor and promote you even further.

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Our Promise: We at Stunt Players want you to know and trust that your advertising dollar is really working for you in promoting you every day of the week.  We will continue to throw events and introduce you to coordinators, build the very best site possible, and promote you in every way we possibly can.

Sign Up: Since the last Stunt Players party in October (2014), it has been nearly a year that everyone has been online absolutely FREE as we began revamping the site and we are beyond excited to release even newer features we believe will greatly benefit this industry.  Make sure you sign up (or resubscribe) so we can keep the energy rolling, throw more events, and get you booked!

Thank you to everyone who came out - you all never fail to prove why we work in the most exciting and endearing industry in town.

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