18 Aug

The Stunt Players Legacy

By Hunter Crowder on 18th Aug 2015 Tag: Stunt Directory, Stunt Performer, Stunt Players, Stunt Woman, Stuntman, Stunts

The History: For over twenty years, our mission has always been to take advantage of technologies to benefit stunt performers. When Stunt Players began, we produced a hardcopy directory for stunt coordinators to find exactly who was needed for the job. It would have been hard to find a set without a Stunt Players Directory lying around!

Thanks to the Directory, crashing sets or “hustling” coordinators stopped being the only way for stunt performers to find new work. The Directory was designed to provide stunt performers with equal opportunities while offering coordinators a variety of different performers to hire.

Getting Stunt Performers Work: As time moved foreword and technologies grew more advance, it only made sense to adapt to them. While a physical product has its charms, it is our duty to get stunt performers promoted in the best way possible. By placing a heavier emphasis on an online platform, we can provide better tools to stunt coordinators to get you hired.

We have just recently launched our new online website and have even more we are working on behind the scenes. It is our promise that coordinators will be able to connect with you better than ever before.

Our Plans: While we will continue to make hardcopy reference guides and throw the best events to introduce you to the industry’s top coordinators, we must urge the importance of having an up-to-date listing online to ensure that you’re getting the work you deserve.

We at Stunt Players are beyond excited to release what we have in store for you. We will never stop raising the bar for the stunt community.


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