17 Jan

Featured Stunt Player: Bryan McCoy

By Hunter Crowder on 17th Jan 2020 Tag: Bryan McCoy, Real McCoy Stunts, Stunt Man, Stunt Player

Stunt Player Bryan McCoy is a small-town country boy, who grew up on a ranch in Grants, New Mexico. He was fortunate enough to be raised in a race car family. Both his grandmother and grandfather were race car drivers. His grandfather built the first race track in their hometown called the Uranium Speedway. This […]

28 Jun

Atlanta Stunt Hustle Recap!

By Hunter Crowder on 28th Jun 2019

Thank you to all the impeccable Stunt Players who attended our very first Atlanta Stunt Hustle last night, June 27th, at the Westin North Perimeter. The group of stuntmen and woman was outstanding – and the response we got from the participating coordinators was superb. And can we please thank these legends who took the […]

09 Jun

Why a Stunt Hustle?

By Hunter Crowder on 9th Jun 2019

A common question asked regarding stunt advertising directories is: "well how do I know coordinators are really looking at my profile?"

17 Feb

Stunt Hustle Night Recap

By Hunter Crowder on 17th Feb 2017

We at Stunt Players would like to thank everyone for attending our Stunt Hustle on February 1st.

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